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Millikin University

Nick Dunk

Sound Board Operator & Assistant Designer

Director: Tom Robson

Sound Designer: Matt Albrecht

Lighting Designer: Alaina Pizzoferrato

Scenic Designer: Kaylee Wyrostek

Costume Designer: Jana Henry Funderburk

Miss Me: Image

The scene 5 gunshot cues were created with network cues in QLab configured to fire individual cues from the ETC Ion lighting console. Each network cue sent an individual OSC signal to fire each respective cue in EOS. The cues were then set up to auto-continue with precise timing calculated from the gunshot sound effect file provided by the sound designer.

Miss Me: Video

QLab screenshot showing gunshot network cues.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 4.43.48 PM.png
Miss Me: Image

The synth sound was recorded with Native Instruments' Massive in Pro Tools. The sound was manipulated throughout the sequence in which the characters Hazel and Claudia are on stage in order to create an eerie atmosphere and work as underscoring to assist and support the character's singing. The final hums (cue 38) included a previously recorded reverb track in the rear house speakers of the two actors humming their part along with a simplified version of the earlier synth sound in order to accommodate the actors and so as to maintain the proper balance in the room.

Miss Me: Video
Miss Me: Image
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